EPS / AI support


Author: Valentin Schmidt
License: FPDF


This script allows to embed vector-based Adobe Illustrator (AI) or AI-compatible EPS files. Only vector drawing is supported, not text or bitmap. Although the script was successfully tested with various AI format versions, best results are probably achieved with files that were exported in the AI3 format (tested with Illustrator CS2, Freehand MX and Photoshop CS2).

ImageEps(string file, float x, float y [, float w [, float h [, string link [, boolean useBoundingBox]]]])

Same parameters as for regular Image() method, with an additional one:

useBoundingBox: specifies whether to position the bounding box (true) or the complete canvas (false) at location (x,y). Default value is true.


* Software: FPDF_EPS
* Version:  1.6
* Date:     2008-02-06
* Author:   Valentin Schmidt
* Last Changes:
* v1.6
* - fixed bug concerning *u and *U operators
* v1.5
* - support for custom stroke colors (X operator)
* - added RGB support
* - with AI/EPS compatibility check (only for files created with Illustrator)
* v1.3
* - handle binary bytes in front of PS code (which before caused troubles for ereg)
* - fixed positioning and BoundingBox handling code (was totally screwed)
* - fix for BoundingBox detection without space after : (now Corel-compatible)
* - added some dirty code to handle compound paths
* - support for custom colors (x operator)


class PDF_EPS extends FPDF{

function ImageEps ($file, $x, $y, $w=0, $h=0, $link='', $useBoundingBox=true){

    $data = file_get_contents($file);
    if ($data===false) $this->Error('EPS file not found: '.$file);

    $regs = array();

    # EPS/AI compatibility check (only checks files created by Adobe Illustrator!)
    preg_match ('/%%Creator:([^\r\n]+)/', $data, $regs); # find Creator
    if (count($regs)>1){
        $version_str = trim($regs[1]); # e.g. "Adobe Illustrator(R) 8.0"
        if (strpos($version_str, 'Adobe Illustrator')!==false){
            $a = explode(' ', $version_str);
            $version = (float)array_pop($a);
            if ($version>=9)
                $this->Error('File was saved with wrong Illustrator version: '.$file);
                #return false; # wrong version, only 1.x, 3.x or 8.x are supported
          #$this->Error('EPS wasn\'t created with Illustrator: '.$file);

    # strip binary bytes in front of PS-header
    $start = strpos($data, '%!PS-Adobe');
    if ($start>0) $data = substr($data, $start);

    # find BoundingBox params
    preg_match ("/%%BoundingBox:([^\r\n]+)/", $data, $regs);
    if (count($regs)>1){
        list($x1,$y1,$x2,$y2) = explode(' ', trim($regs[1]));
    else $this->Error('No BoundingBox found in EPS file: '.$file);

    $start = strpos($data, '%%EndSetup');
    if ($start===false) $start = strpos($data, '%%EndProlog');
    if ($start===false) $start = strpos($data, '%%BoundingBox');

    $data = substr($data, $start);

    $end = strpos($data, '%%PageTrailer');
    if ($end===false) $end = strpos($data, 'showpage');
    if ($end) $data = substr($data, 0, $end);

    # save the current graphic state

    $k = $this->k;

    if ($useBoundingBox){
        $dx = $x*$k-$x1;
        $dy = $y*$k-$y1;
        $dx = $x*$k;
        $dy = $y*$k;

    # translate
    $this->_out(sprintf('%.3F %.3F %.3F %.3F %.3F %.3F cm', 1,0,0,1,$dx,$dy+($this->hPt - 2*$y*$k - ($y2-$y1))));

    if ($w>0){
        $scale_x = $w/(($x2-$x1)/$k);
        if ($h>0){
            $scale_y = $h/(($y2-$y1)/$k);
            $scale_y = $scale_x;
            $h = ($y2-$y1)/$k * $scale_y;
        if ($h>0){
            $scale_y = $h/(($y2-$y1)/$k);
            $scale_x = $scale_y;
            $w = ($x2-$x1)/$k * $scale_x;
            $w = ($x2-$x1)/$k;
            $h = ($y2-$y1)/$k;

    # scale
    if (isset($scale_x))
        $this->_out(sprintf('%.3F %.3F %.3F %.3F %.3F %.3F cm', $scale_x,0,0,$scale_y, $x1*(1-$scale_x), $y2*(1-$scale_y)));

    # handle pc/unix/mac line endings
    $lines = preg_split ("/\r\n|[\r\n]/", $data);

    $u = 0;
    $cnt = count($lines);
    for ($i=0;$i<$cnt;$i++){
        $line = $lines[$i];
        if ($line=='' || $line[0]=='%') continue;

        $len = strlen($line);

        $chunks = explode(' ', $line);
        $cmd = array_pop($chunks);

        # RGB
        if ($cmd=='Xa'||$cmd=='XA'){
            $b = array_pop($chunks); $g = array_pop($chunks); $r = array_pop($chunks);
            $this->_out("$r $g $b ". ($cmd=='Xa'?'rg':'RG') ); #substr($line, 0, -2).'rg' -> in EPS (AI8): c m y k r g b rg!

        switch ($cmd){
            case 'm':
            case 'l':
            case 'v':
            case 'y':
            case 'c':

            case 'k':
            case 'K':
            case 'g':
            case 'G':

            case 's':
            case 'S':

            case 'J':
            case 'j':
            case 'w':
            case 'M':
            case 'd' :

            case 'n' :
            case 'v' :

            case 'x': # custom fill color
                list($c,$m,$y,$k) = $chunks;
                $this->_out("$c $m $y $k k");

            case 'X': # custom stroke color
                list($c,$m,$y,$k) = $chunks;
                $this->_out("$c $m $y $k K");

            case 'Y':
            case 'N':
            case 'V':
            case 'L':
            case 'C':
                $line[$len-1] = strtolower($cmd);

            case 'b':
            case 'B':
                $this->_out($cmd . '*');

            case 'f':
            case 'F':
                if ($u>0){
                    $isU = false;
                    $max = min($i+5,$cnt);
                    for ($j=$i+1;$j<$max;$j++)
                        $isU = ($isU || ($lines[$j]=='U' || $lines[$j]=='*U'));
                    if ($isU) $this->_out("f*");

            case '*u':

            case '*U':

            #default: echo "$cmd<br>"; #just for debugging


    # restore previous graphic state
    if ($link)

    return true;





$pdf=new PDF_EPS();

// Page 1: AI
$pdf->ImageEps('pelican.ai', 15, 70, 180);

// Page 2: EPS, with link
$lnk = $pdf->AddLink();
$pdf->ImageEps('bug.eps', 30, 20, 150, 0, $lnk);

// Page 3: AI
$pdf->ImageEps('tiger.ai', 10, 50, 190);

View the result here.