__construct([string orientation [, string unit [, mixed size]]])


This is the class constructor. It allows to set up the page size, the orientation and the unit of measure used in all methods (except for font sizes).


Default page orientation. Possible values are (case insensitive): Default value is P.
User unit. Possible values are: A point equals 1/72 of inch, that is to say about 0.35 mm (an inch being 2.54 cm). This is a very common unit in typography; font sizes are expressed in that unit.

Default value is mm.
The size used for pages. It can be either one of the following values (case insensitive): or an array containing the width and the height (expressed in the unit given by unit).

Default value is A4.


Example with a custom 100x150 mm page size:
$pdf = new FPDF('P','mm',array(100,150));